Gourmet Apples from Cyprowski Candy Company

What makes Cyprowski Gourmet Apples so special?

A Granny Smith apple that has been covered with luscious layers of caramel, chocolate, nuts and other tempting toppings. The nut choices are Pecan, Peanut, and Cashew. The apples are also available without nuts, either plain or the Caramel Crunch version. Caramel Crunch goes one extra tasty step. The last layer is milk chocolate with crisp rice, and then it is topped with chocolate candies.








Apple Flavors

Due to seasonal availability, large apples are not available year round. Not all flavors are available in all sizes. Please check here for availability.

Click on images to see apple detail.








Apple Care

Our apples last approximately 6 weeks uncut and refrigerated, depending on the time of year. We are happy to provide you with more specific information at purchase.








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Check out flavor and size availability. We offer shipping from October through May.

Shipping is over for the season. See you in the Fall when the cooler temperatures allow us to resume shipping.

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